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The Main Types of Kitchen Knives

Updated: May 1, 2023

Many people get confused when choosing the ideal knife for each situation. Because of this, I decided to make a brief explanation of the 5 main types of knives that I consider the most important to have in the kitchen. I will also give you my personal recommendation based on reports from Chefs who have worked or still work with me as well as people who cook on a daily basis.

Cuisinart Knife Set

Chef’s Knife
The chef's knife is about 8 to 12 inches long and has a slightly curved tip, which allows the knife to slide along the board while cutting the food. It is a multipurpose knife, used to cut fruits, vegetables and meats. If you have to buy a single knife, this is it.

Santoku Knife
Like the chef's knife, the Santoku is a general-purpose knife of Japanese origin. Santoku means “three virtues”, or “three uses”, referring to the three tasks this knife performs very well: cutting, mincing and slicing.

Paring Knife
Paring knives (also called peeling knives) is a multi-purpose knife of extreme importance in the kitchen, but it is much smaller than a chef's knife. This knife is ideal for peeling vegetables, fruits, and will do other jobs that require more precision, such as cleaning a shrimp, deseeding peppers and trimming meat.

Slicing Knife
This is a long, thin knife, tapering to a sharp point. It is one of the longest kitchen knives. Its narrow width means it produces less resistance when cutting food, which allows for cleaner and more even slices. It's commonly used for carving poultry or bone-in roasts, like a leg of lamb or a ham. This knife is an ancient instrument, having its origin in the first manufactures of metalwork by man.

Bread Knife
One of the knives that should never be missing in our kitchen is the bread knife. Is there a greater pleasure than eating freshly baked bread? The secret to getting a perfect slice of bread lies in the knife used and the characteristics of the bread knife blades. Which is most suitable? A long serrated blade so that, in a single movement, we can cut the slice even in the widest loaves.

Cuisinart is one of my favorite brands in terms of knives, and the GRAPHIX COLLECTION fulfills all the quality and efficiency requirements that we seek!


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