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About Help Food

Help Food was created with the intention of offering help to several people, especially mothers who were constantly asking me for help because they work a lot and didn't have time to prepare healthy, tasty and quality food for the family throughout the week.

With that in mind, I created colorful and delicious dishes containing high nutritional value. From exquisite menus to even simple dishes that carry cultural values ​​satisfying your desires.

Currently I offer culinary services not only to those people who asked me for help in the past, but to anyone who wants to have an incredible experience tasting delicious dishes in the comfort of their homes, yachts and at various events.

The Personal Chef service consists of having a face-to-face and exclusive service, with a Menu prepared in advance, where all the preparation is done at the client's home, so you can really know what you're eating.

With my team, we provide catering services for events such as; breakfast, lunch, dinner, weddings and corporate events. To make the experience even more incredible, you can also choose to add the full service of “Menu Table Decor” which consists of decorating the table according to the selected menu, where I add all my experience of more than 25 years as Flower Design.
Food is first eaten with the eyes, and then you can enjoy all of its real flavor. That's what Help Food is here for, TO HELP YOU.

Quinoa Salad
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